In 2017, ReliX Water inaugurated Chile’s first Israeli technology-based desalination-plant manufacturing facility.

The manufacturing facility applies modern Israeli process engineering expertise and leading international technologies to manufacture high performing water treatment systems.



Each of our water treatment systems is tailored specifically to client requirements by expert Israeli process engineers.

Our system designs are planned down to the smallest detail based on a 3600 analysis of existing water specifications, geographic conditions, production expectations and more.



All production of water treatment systems takes place at the ReliX Water manufacturing facility. We integrate various components, manufacturing state-of-the-art reverse osmosis plants for different flow rates and water sources.

Each water treatment system undergoes rigorous quality assurance testing before delivery.
Depending on project scope, water treatment systems are assembled into a sea container, and placed on the client’s site, to form an all-in-one plug & play water treatment unit.


ReliX Water delivers water treatment systems with full installation services, including civil work and complement water infrastructure services.

On-site installation is supervised by Israeli process engineers, in cooperation with the local technical team, ensuring flawless delivery.

Uses of Water Treatment Systems


  • Process Water.

  • Water treatment & purification for human consumption.

  • Water treatment for environmental requirements.


  • Desalinating groundwater for crop and plantation irrigation.


  • Processing surface, groundwater and seawater for human consumption.


  • Water treatment for industrial use, including: electric generation, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, cooling towers and cleaning of solar panels.

  • Treatment of industrial effluents.