ReliX Water provides full EPC & Operations services, tailored to client specifications

ReliX Water provides full EPC & Operations services, tailored to client specifications

ReliX Water’s professional team has vast experience operating in the extreme geographical and climate conditions of mining sites, while strictly adhering to safety and environmental requirements, and acting with social responsibility.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

For over a decade ReliX Water has been designing, implementing and operating cost-effective water and irrigation systems for heap leaching.

Heap Leaching

Heap irrigation is a critical process in the extraction of copper and gold. ReliX Water’s deep knowledge and expertise is exhibited through the design, supply, construction and operation of heap leaching irrigation systems.

Heap Aeration

ReliX Water designs leaching aeration systems to improve efficiency of copper recovery from ore. To achieve this goal, our engineers carry out extensive testing processes to determine blower sizing, energy consumption and air temperature. We design new systems, improve existing ones and supply materials.

Leaching Drainage Systems

ReliX Water has vast experience in geotextile and cover installation.
In addition, we’ve developed a unique technology to monitor in real-time the efficiency of PLS drainage at the bottom of the leach pad through radio data transmission to the DCS control center.

Thermal Insulation

The chemical reactions which occur in leaching pads are better stimulated at high temperatures. ReliX Water provides thermofilms mechanically installed on top of leaching pads to get the right temperatures in order to improve the copper extraction and reduce evaporation.

ReliX Water provides a wide range of water infrastructure solutions, based on its expert engineers and its advanced procurement and construction capabilities.
This includes everything from water collection systems, through fluid storage infrastructure to water conduction and pumping systems.



Telemetry Monitoring & Control Expert System

Developed by ReliX Water, our innovative hydraulic monitoring and control system increases operation efficiency.

Data is collected by sensors installed in the leach pads’ water and irrigation systems. Mining companies use the collected data to get a real-time view of the operation status and draw insights from historical data for planning future operation and for maintenance purposes.

In addition, all data parameters are analysed by ReliX Water’s expert system which executes real-time operational adjustments and returns the process to its accurate settings.


Dust Suppression Systems

ReliX Water designs, delivers and operates irrigation systems for dust suppression in mining sites, enabling ongoing operation while meeting environmental and safety requirements. The system is automatically controlled, based on weather conditions.

Dedicated powerful water guns frack the water outlet into tiny drops which intercept and encapsulate the dust particulars in the air.
Therefore, dispersion of dust is suppressed, preventing environmental pollution.

ReliX Water provides innovative, efficient and cost-effective water treatment solutions for a wide range of mining uses, such as process water, wastewater treatment and water treatment for human consumption.

Our systems are designed by Israeli process engineering experts, based on world leading technologies, using the market’s highest quality products.
The systems are built in ReliX Water’s manufacturing facility in Chile.

We provide everything from pre-treatment filtration equipment to clarifying systems and full reverse-osmosis desalination plants.